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Why are educated young Africans migrating?

Africans crossing the Mediterranean


Africans have always been migrating, willingly or otherwise. This is evident in the number of black people that constitute migrant populations in North, South, Central America and Europe. In the past, Africans were forcefully displaced from their homes and taken to the Americas and Europe on slave ships. Nowadays, however, Africans are willingly migrating, and often times risking their lives. The are various reasons why Africans are seeking life somewhere outside Africa. Some are tempted to leave by the, ostensibly, better living standard abroad while others are looking for a better education. In addition,there are also quite a lot of young Africans that migrate dismayed by corruption and nepotism that are rampant in so many African countries.

This essay will discuss the three main reasons why educated young Africans are migrating: to have a better living standard, to get quality education and due to the corruption and nepotism that is pervasive in Africa.



Family safety and social welfare
Family safety and social welfare

The high living standard abroad promises a good life. The living standard in so many European countries and the Americas is far higher and much better than it is in Africa. This is manifested in job opportunities at professional work environments with high salaries, in the freedom to work and thrive in one’s area of interest, and in well-to-do societies with low crime rates which are enticing to many young Africans hoping to start a family.



Educational Opportunity

Higher education institutes and universities abroad offer quality education with bright career prospective. Many educated young Africans want to be competent in this ever changing world that demands result. In order for them to be able to deliver, they first have to get the best education from renowned universities which are mostly found abroad.Moreover, employers in Africa are more likely to choose applicants who studied abroad than the ones who graduated from local universities. Besides, students who study abroad have the opportunity to work and study at the same time.This makes them financially independent which is not the norm for students studying in Africa.



Corruption word-art

The rampant corruption and nepotism in Africa makes it very hard to succeed in life. Many qualified Africans working have a hard time succeeding because the work environment does not encourage merit or hard work, but rather works for individuals with family connections and political affiliations. In addition,there is no accountability demanded from employers by governments. This makes young professionals frustrated, and even, dismayed by these predicaments so they seek a better work environment somewhere abroad.



In conclusion, educated young Africans are migrating in doves. All do not have the same reasons but most share the search for a better living standard, getting good education and getting as far away as possible from corruption and nepotism. Looking at the figures one can say that unless proper measures are taken by all stakeholders this brain drainage is unlikely to stop soon.

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